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What is a Milestones Photoshoot?

Milestones Photoshoot is a journey of your growing family that occurs after the wedding. It is a tradition that captures your family’s growth and journey over the years. Starting from the first year after your wedding, I will beautifully document the love, connection, and joy within your emerging family for three years after the wedding. This includes but is not limited to maternity photoshoot, baby portraits, and family photoshoot.

With each passing year, these photos serve as a visual representation of your shared experiences and memories together. Trust me to preserve these precious moments with creativity, professionalism, and heartfelt dedication. Let’s continue building this visual legacy year after year through the beauty of photography.

Why do a Milestones Photoshoot?

In both Hawaiian and Filipino culture, family is considered the cornerstone of life. Our cultural values place a strong emphasis on the importance of family ties and connections. One unique aspect of our culture is our tradition of documenting our growing ohana (family in Hawaiian). Enjoy living in the moment with your family while I photograph your special moments in creating intricate family trees and preserving your family history.

By documenting your memories, your family will be able to pass down stories and lessons from one generation after another. Overall the act of documenting your growing ohana serves as a symbol of unity, love, and resilience that is deeply rooted in both Hawaiian and Filipino cultures.

Finally, receive peace of mind knowing that paying ahead of your Milestones Photoshoot you’ll secure future photoshoots with me knowing that your price for a maternity, family, etc are locked in at today’s rates without any increases.

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