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What is Wedding Portrait Corner?

At a Wedding Portrait Corner, the photographer creates a designated area at the reception with a beautiful backdrop where you and your guests can take posed photos.

Why have a Wedding Portrait Corner?

Why pay for a booth that uses an iPad to photograph you and your guests in front of a shimmery backdrop? Instead opt for an expert photographer that poses everyone for stunning portraits with expert lighting. The photographer will provide guidance on poses and ensure that everyone looks their best in the photos.

Very rarely do we dress up, but when we do let’s not cheapen the experience and instead get a Wedding Portrait Corner to highlight all your smexy selves.

The Wedding Portrait Corner is a popular choice at weddings as it offers a convenient way to capture memories with friends and family. Guests can take turns posing for solo shots or group photos, creating lasting keepsakes of the event.

Having a dedicated area for portraits also helps to streamline the photography process, making sure that everyone has the opportunity to get professional shots without disrupting other parts of the celebration. It provides a fun and interactive experience for guests while ensuring that high-quality images are captured throughout the event.

How to have a Wedding Portrait Corner?

My assistant will set up the backdrop area in less than one hour; same for breaking down.

When to have a Wedding Portrait Corner?

Throughout your reception programming.

Where to have a Wedding Portrait Corner?

Dedicate a 10×15 feet indoor space at your reception area away. Areas to have it would be near the entrance of the reception room.

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